Action Card Releases Version 1.1

Add Your Own Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Add Your Own Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Measure the Satisfaction of Your Clients

Action Card released its latest version today and we’re proud of the enhancements. Many of our clients had previously audited their franchisees for compliance on paper. This was a labor intensive process that require dual data entry and lacked transparency. It also made the review process unnecessarily punitive and one-sided. Doing these reviews on cloud-based platform with a tablet immediately cut hours off of the review process and allowed franchisees the ability to log-in, see their reviews and reconcile actionable compliance items. Franchisors at HQ could see real time how their locations were doing. Ultimately, you want to see what your customers think of your franchisees as well and many of our clients asked us about client satisfaction surveys. We listened and added that feature today. Action Card now allows you to set up your own client satisfaction surveys. From the Preferences screen in the Company section you can now create a distinct URL for your customers to access linking the survey. Like any review, you can create your own customer satisfaction survey.


Document Library

 Our Action Card development team also created a central document library to warehouse your operations and training manuals, marketing material, logos and any other folders and files that you’d like to store for reference. The library allows you to keep your reviews lean but provide easy access to additional material relevant to your brand and operating procedures. The Library allows users the ability to create their own file folders and manage the content at their convenience through Action Card. Your reviews shouldn’t simply re-hash your Ops Manual, but it will be handy for franchisees and field managers alike to be able to refer to them within the same system.



 Another useful reporting function included in the latest release is the ability to track scoring by category. It may be useful to you to how your franchisees perform by category, not just by total score. Some of our clients score their franchisees in distinct categories. Now, not only can you track your franchisees overall review performance, you can look at what areas of the review they excel in and in what areas you may need to help them. Ultimately, we want to create the best cloud-based review tool in the franchise and multi-unit operator industry. Our goal is to make life easier for your field managers, communicate more effectively with your franchisees on brand protection and make it easier for you to track these activities and manage your brand standards at every one of your locations..